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Often kept by us, in their domesticated form, as pets, the Brown Rat and the House Mouse cause untold problems in homes and businesses throughout the country each year. Given favourable conditions, both rodent species can breed at an alarming rate, forcing their offspring to seek further refuge in other areas of an already infested building. If no control measures are put in place to prevent this, they can soon overrun any given territory. Mice are doubly incontinent, depositing urine and fecal matter everywhere they travel. Whilst rats often have organised toilet areas, a percentage do carry the Leptospirosis (Weil’s Disease) pathogen in their urine, a disease known to be fatal in humans should it not be treated early enough.

Rodents must gnaw to wear down their continually-growing incisor teeth and so become a fire hazard when active in areas where electrical cables are run. This, coupled with the disease they can potentially spread through contamination of work surfaces and foodstuffs make them a serious health and safety risk in any premises. All rodent infestations can be dealt with successfully using any of our RSPH Level 2 qualified field technicians.

Wildlife Management And Control

An aspect of pest control often ignored or overlooked by many companies, Bird And Pest Southwest strive to provide the complete package, offering both new and traditional techniques to manage the activity of various wildlife, including Moles, Rabbits, Squirrels, Mink, Stoats, Foxes and Feral Cats. Whether it be the damage to ground undermined by rabbit warrens, a lawn full of molehills or poultry and wildfowl killed by Mink, Stoats or Foxes, we here at Bird And Pest Southwest will be happy to deal with it for you.