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Insect Control & Prevention


Sometimes not the most popular of creatures, insects are nonetheless a vital part of any healthy, successful ecosystem, something in these days of environmental awareness everyone should strive to maintain. For example, Honey Bees that pollenate our plants and flowers are a nationally protected insect species. That’s why, here at Bird And Pest Southwest, jobs dealing with Honey Bee swarms will generally be passed on to a local bee keeper for removal. However, there are insects such as Cockroaches and Bed Bugs which can cause major problems in hotels and restaurants, leading to loss of reputation and hence loss of revenue.

Also, the role certain insects play as carriers of intestinal diseases such as Diarrhoea, Dysentry, Salmonella, etc. is always a cause for concern. Apart from these public health pests, the presence of textile pests such as the Common Clothes Moth and the Variegated Carpet Beetle or stored product insects such as the Biscuit Beetle and the Grain Weevil can also lead to thousands of pounds worth of damage for some businesses. Bird And Pest Southwest can successfully deal with these pests for you.